Five Suggestions for Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Websites Design

Mobile devices are ruling the eCommerce world today. With every passing day, there’s a steep increase in the number of people shopping online through their smartphones and tablets. As an eCommerce website owner, you should know how to survive the cut-throat competition in this field. The very first step towards achieving this is to build mobile-friendly eCommerce websites design. If you want to get your eCommerce portal ready for a mobile future, here are a few suggestions that can help you achieve it.

A Responsive Framework Is a Way to Go

Opting for a responsive framework is no more an option but an absolute necessity. Responsive framework means that the content of your portal will look the same on all devices – irrespective of whether it is a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Developing responsive websites is very easy these days, thanks to the easily accessible HTML frameworks. If you … Read the rest

Common WordPress Security Issues in 2018 and How to Tackle Them

WordPress has evolved to be the most customizable and dynamic Content Management Systems (CMS) and is every website developer’s favorite. But even the best is never free from any threat. WordPress is built on the framework of MySQL and PHP and this architecture makes the platform vulnerable to attacks from hackers and other security concerns. WordPress is not completely risk-proof. But you can definitely use the latest security tools, updated techniques, and a reliable WordPress Hosting solution to create a safe and secure content development platform.

With these smart measures, you can easily handle any security risk that might affect your website.

Change your default account

Every WP user tends to continue using the CMS with its default login details. But that can easily expose the account to hackers and data pilferages by making your login details easily predictable. The best way to avoid this risk is to delete the … Read the rest