Website Speed Concept

Often we run into issues of websites taking too long to load. If the loading time is too long, it will cause some visitors or users to get impatient and eventually quit the website.  There are many ways to deal with slow loading time and sluggish website performance. Before we go into the list of speed testing tools, let’s talk about the concept of website speed and how we can manage it.

Determine the root of the problem

First of all, you need to identify the source of the problem and if needed, segmenting the possible causes one by one. Normally it could be due to scripts, plugins or even fonts. If a website is bloated with unnecessary items, it will contribute to sluggish website performance. On another area, older systems and slow connections are not able to keep up with “taxing” and “heavy” websites. A leaner website also helps … Read the rest

How to Take a Screenshot on a Macbook

It is always difficult to know about how to take a screenshot in your Apple MacBook if you have switched from Windows Pc to Mac recently. I have seen people worrying a lot due to this issue. I would suggest you put all your worries away as here I am going to suggest you, varieties of methods available to capture a screenshot in MacBook.

Using keyboard:

It is the easiest and fastest method to capture a screenshot of the full or of the portion of the screen. Two methods are described below-

Entire Screen:

You need to press Command, Shift and 3 keys at the same time. Doing this will automatically save the recent copy of your screen in the clipboard. If you want to save the screenshot in your computer then press ‘Shift’ and ‘3’ key simultaneously leaving the ‘Command’ key. It saves the screenshot in PNG format.

Selected Read the rest