The Internet Service Providers

A company that is able to provide internet access to any technological device can be named as an internet provider. When people around you talk about the internet and calls, the name of the group in charge of the internet, that group will be categorized as the provider.

The internet provider makes it easy for us to access the internet. This means we can now have a computer system with an inbuilt modem and could have their means of networking, but without the subscription with the service providers there will be no access to the internet which means you must subscribe to their network before you can access to the internet.

Apart from the internet, the service provider is Cable Company that also offers T.V subscription to the home dwellers. The two services are not in the categories. They are both different categories, meaning that you can’t pay one price … Read the rest

How to find a good WordPress developer?

It’s easy to find a WordPress developer but what’s hard is to find a good one. When you are interviewing and asking questions from the WordPress developer , it can get overwhelming to reach to a final decision. To make things easier for you, here is how you can find and hire the right candidate:

 Don’t hire a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is an attractive option especially if you are on a short budget. Even though you will be conducting a video interview on Skype, it is not enough. For big projects, you need reliable and experienced people.  It is recommended to hire a real person with whom you conduct a face to face meeting. Ask them about themselves and tell them about your project’s requirements to see if they are the right fit for the job.

Ask for references

Don’t rely on the words of the developer. You must … Read the rest