How to find a good WordPress developer?

It’s easy to find a WordPress developer but what’s hard is to find a good one. When you are interviewing and asking questions from the WordPress developer , it can get overwhelming to reach to a final decision. To make things easier for you, here is how you can find and hire the right candidate:

 Don’t hire a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is an attractive option especially if you are on a short budget. Even though you will be conducting a video interview on Skype, it is not enough. For big projects, you need reliable and experienced people.  It is recommended to hire a real person with whom you conduct a face to face meeting. Ask them about themselves and tell them about your project’s requirements to see if they are the right fit for the job.

Ask for references

Don’t rely on the words of the developer. You must … Read the rest

How to check for click fraud in your AdWords campaigns

A well-targeted PPC campaign on AdWords can certainly boost your web traffic but click fraud can waste a lot of money if not identified. There are some owners who have lost 20% of their PPC budget on fraudulent activities and they weren’t even aware of it. All websites these days are using PPC programs to increase conversions but your competitors can be sabotaging your results. Click fraud can drain your marketing budget. You remain in the delusion that your scheme is becoming successful but it’s not.

Before moving on to how to reduce the click fraud, let’s understand what it means. This a scam technique most competitors use when they see the ads of another company is appearing above theirs. They use bots to commit click fraud. They spend all your budget of the day before you even reach your potential clients. Some people also use click fraud to … Read the rest