Understanding BitCoin, Advantages and Disadvantages Digital Currencies are More Popular

BitCoin is cash on your computer. BitCoin is the latest digital peer-to-peer (p2p) currency that can be used to replace cash in online buying and selling transactions. Unlike other online currencies associated with banks and using payment systems such as PayPal, BitCoin is directly distributed among users without the necessary intermediaries. The similar is DavorCoin.

What are the advantages of using BitCoin?

There are many advantages of using BitCoin in lieu of online money transactions. BitCoin is a global exchange rate, meaning BitCoin is not owned by any country, making it easy to use anywhere in the world. This makes international transactions easier as there is no discussion of payments to be used in accordance with country rates and of course prices are not affected by the exchange rate of the country’s currency.

Another advantage of using BitCoin is that the rate is not controlled by a national bank … Read the rest

Android Tablet Functions Are Sure You Do -not to Use

Although the role of the laptop cannot be replaced intact by the Android tablet, the use of tablets as a companion smartphone is commonly encountered.

Some of you may be using tablets for playing games or watching movies. Though there are many other tablet function tablets that are more useful.

Unusual Android Tablet Functionality Known


With its widescreen, Android tablet is comfortable to use as a medium to watch movies or play games. Even with its widescreen, you can complete the office and college tasks freely. But did you know that Android tablets can be used for anything more useful. Read more our new articles


  1. To be a CCTV


When you will leave home for a holiday with a long time, must be lazy do not you have to bring a lot of gadgets? Well, this Android tablet could be one gadget that is suitable for you … Read the rest