Ideas for Corporate Video Subjects

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Having a few videos filmed for the company can save time and money in more ways than most executives realize. The introductory corporate video is ideal for new hires. General policies, expectations, and goals are important aspects of which employees need to be aware.

Include the expectation that each employee read the complete manual that explains all policies thoroughly, as well as includes all job descriptions. The video can be used as part of a defense when disgruntled employees claim they were not given complete information. Be sure there is signed documentation proving which employees attended the viewing.


Having training videos produced will save time and money regarding annual training sessions. Sexual harassment, safety, emergency procedures, and confidentiality are topics that most regulations dictate have to be reviewed every year. Employees can view them as the anniversary of their hire date nears. Again, have signed documentation of the date … Read the rest

Learning The “Secrets” of Repairs

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Services Offered by Concrete Contractors Any project involving construction will need to be done by experts. The most used materials in many developments are concrete and steel. What is needed is to have a good plan on how the process of construction will be undertaken. Having the right experts is required if you need some structures that will stand over a long time. The strong and durable structures must be designed by the experienced experts who offer the right techniques which suit your need. The engineers who are in charge of this process will need to have everything done according to the bets plan. The construction of any facility or building is done by top engineers. The project has many officials who are tasked with the duty of ensuring people have everything done in the best ways possible. the results will be examined at every stage so that the best … Read the rest