Website Speed Concept

Often we run into issues of websites taking too long to load. If the loading time is too long, it will cause some visitors or users to get impatient and eventually quit the website.  There are many ways to deal with slow loading time and sluggish website performance. Before we go into the list of speed testing tools, let’s talk about the concept of website speed and how we can manage it.

Determine the root of the problem

First of all, you need to identify the source of the problem and if needed, segmenting the possible causes one by one. Normally it could be due to scripts, plugins or even fonts. If a website is bloated with unnecessary items, it will contribute to sluggish website performance. On another area, older systems and slow connections are not able to keep up with “taxing” and “heavy” websites. A leaner website also helps … Read the rest

Top Tools for Backup of Your WordPress Website

The importance of taking a backup of your website can never be overemphasized. You and/or the web host might deploy the latest security tools and take maximum measures to prevent a cyber-attack, you can never completely rule out the possibility of a DDoS attack, data theft, or any such disaster which might lead to the loss of data. At such times, having a website backup ensures that you can restore your site without any loss of business or reputation. WordPress offers many plugins which can help you create website backups manually or in a scheduled manner. In this article, we will share some plugins which can help create a backup of your WordPress website.


Duplicator by SnapCreek offers WordPress users the ability to create a website backup in no time. It also allows users to migrate their websites from one location to another. This plugin requires PHP 5.3 … Read the rest