How to check for click fraud in your AdWords campaigns

A well-targeted PPC campaign on AdWords can certainly boost your web traffic but click fraud can waste a lot of money if not identified. There are some owners who have lost 20% of their PPC budget on fraudulent activities and they weren’t even aware of it. All websites these days are using PPC programs to increase conversions but your competitors can be sabotaging your results. Click fraud can drain your marketing budget. You remain in the delusion that your scheme is becoming successful but it’s not.

Before moving on to how to reduce the click fraud, let’s understand what it means. This a scam technique most competitors use when they see the ads of another company is appearing above theirs. They use bots to commit click fraud. They spend all your budget of the day before you even reach your potential clients. Some people also use click fraud to generate false commission from their advert display network.

Now the question is how to check if your AdWords campaign has become a victim of click fraud. Here is how:

  1. Monitor the behavior of your users

The best way to identify the fraud is to check your PPC program every day.  You might already check the results to see which keywords and ads are yielding positive results. At the same time, you can check for click fraud. When you measure the reach and frequency, this will let you know from which IP or browser are the clicks coming from.

  1. Select the targeted keywords

Whenever you want to yield the highest return on investment, you must bid on the industry specific keywords only. These keywords will help you generate more traffic and most of these clicks are from customers not boots. Use keyword planner in AdWords to look for the keywords for your campaigns.

  1. Check the visitor engagement

You might be getting a lot of visitors on your website but if you use tool like Traffic Quality Analyzer, it will tell you whether the visitors coming to your website engage with your content or not. Tools like these can help you identify your visitors and keep away from click fraud. The only problem is they are a bit expensive. In the long run, they are totally worth the money because you know you won’t be wasting money on a PPC campaign that isn’t bringing any conversions. You can analyze the quality of your traffic through other means too.

You can even create your own click fraud detection system. This means you have to keep on monitoring your traffic and keep an eye on things like IP addresses, login history, random clicks, no mouse movements, time spent on site, bounce rate, browser type etc. You have to dig deep into each campaign and this could be time-consuming. If you have become a victim of click fraud once, that means you were doing better than your competitors and they will come again to sabotage your campaign. So, keep a close eye on your traffic, user behavior and engagement to stay safe.