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Everything About Compound Bows

Compound bows that make use of levering system of cables are the best you can get as these bends the limbs which is the lower and upper portion of the bow providing power and flex in firing the arrow.

Since limbs of today’s compound bows are not made from wood, it is stiffer in comparison to old fashioned longbows. When it comes to energy efficiency, wood is not anywhere near to compound materials used to create compound bows today.

Hi-tech bows made today are stiffer which is compensated by using series of pulleys as well as levers. Not having such is virtually impossible to flex the bow. As you draw back the string, you are gaining mechanical advantage and increased energy too until you get its peak weight and the energy is released to launch the arrow.

Yet another benefit of using the best compound bow is the fact that it can be used on any weather condition. Most of the wood is absorbent and thus, using the bow either in a rainy or damp weather can be completely different from using it under sunny and dry conditions. There is no doubt that old fashioned bows are widely used for hot climates and have the possibility of having cracks due to the evaporation of national oils present in wood.

A man from Missouri has patented compound bows back in 1960s. Since then, a lot of serious archers and hunters gave up their old bows in exchange of compound bows. They’re more efficient and offering increased accuracy and velocity. There however are some arguments between hunters and bowmen on which compound bow is best and arguments to which materials should be used in constructing the bow. 3 of the very popular options are magnesium, aluminum alloy or aluminum which are all used in aircraft construction.

The bow’s strength actually lies to the limbs and without the energy stored in cables or pulleys. The construction of wheels and cams are crucial because these must move the string and with that, they need to function very smoothly. Even though the term string is what still used even in today’s time, the latest bows aren’t using string instead, a highly efficient high modulus polyethylene cables that has the capability of holding immense amount of tensile strength. A few of the older bows used to have high tensile coated steel but the best compound bows of today are using polyethylene construction for the cables.

So if you see the cost of compound bows, this would have justified it.

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