The State of iCloud Computing Now and How it is Such a Cheap Place to Log-in and Get Going

The cloud is like this mysterious future thing that is still being explored, but huge strides have happened in this area of close to a decade. Apple launched iCloud in 2008 based on web tool platforms dating back even a decade earlier. The 2008 version was revamped as iCloud a few years later, but the nebulous of the concept was still there. In 2017, iCloud is cheap. Is it too cheap?

The Costs of the Cloud

It is a fascinating question because it seems iCloud storage is extremely affordable. The cost range from one dollar a month to $10- the cost of a Spotify account. It is so cheap because it is so easy to integrate, seemingly, and Apple has so many resources to make it widely accessible.

Gmail Email Shmeemail

Gmail is a useful place to look when it comes to cloud computing, as well. Yes, Google is a direct competitor to Apple yet they do swim in slightly different circles when it comes to the Internet, Regardless, Google Gmail is a cloud capacity system and users have access to a lot of cloud storage- because that is exactly what Gmail is. There is almost an absurd amount of storage available, for a Gmail user would need to have upwards of half a million emails to actually start to impact the storage capacity for the account (i.e the cloud storage capacity).

Why so much data? No one needs half a million emails. Many would argue that no one needs any emails, but the point stands. There is just so much cloud data available. Gmail is free and will likely remain so. It does have some restrictions and it is not as intuitive in the area of storage as the Apple iCloud. It wasn’t ever meant to be because it is an email service, first and foremost. But, it does attest to the ubiquity of cloud storage. It is everywhere.

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