Using Lanyards To Show Great Work In The Classroom

When a school teacher wishes to reward one of their students for great progress with grades or citizenship in the classroom, the use of awards may be considered. One great reward that children of all ages seem to enjoy receiving is lanyard. Lanyards can be used for a variety of purposes, making them versatile pieces with many benefits. Here are some of the reasons why this type of award makes sense in a classroom environment.

Identification Cards Can Be Kept Close To The Body

Many wear lanyards as a way to hold identification cards, keys, or cell phones. A clip can be added to the end of a lanyard and any identification card used for the student can be easily attached. This is a wonderful feature for those who wish to have information on hand instead of the need to look through pockets, backpacks, or lunchboxes for a card.

Others Will See The Award And Will Try Hard Themselves

When other students see that someone was awarded with a decorative lanyard, they will most likely want to gain one of them for themselves as well. These awards can be used as incentive to get children in a classroom to try hard for good grades or to promote favorable behavior. Lanyards can be given to a child when they accomplish a task that the teacher feels is noteworthy. The child will be happy to display the lanyard so others in the class and school will see that they were awarded for their endeavor. This in turn will promote positive actions from other children in the class and school, as they will want to receive an award as well.

School Information Can Be Displayed To Show Others

Lanyards can be personalized with school identification information if desired. This is a great idea if a child is going to be going on a class trip, as the information will help in locating the rest of the class and the teacher if a child gets separated from their group. School colors can be selected when picking out lanyards so they will match any school team or class apparel if desired.

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