10 Web Design Tips To Better Your Website Success

A website cannot only prosper by simply excelling in limited areas, for instance only design or content. Your website should have a design which enhances the user experience, functionality, as well as one that properly compliments the content. It should clearly communicate with the audience concerning what you do, the reasons you do it, along with who you are doing it for.

Novage communications provide us on to find 10 web design tips that can improve your website’s success.

  1. Make a plan

Think about your visitor’s journey starting from when they visit the website going to the time that they become your customer. Consider the pages they will want to view, the content they would want, as well as what offers they will want. By this, you can design a website which aids in nurturing leads via the sales funnel.

  1. Do not have this on your website

Complicated animations, content which is really long, plus stocky website images tend to be just some things on this list. You need a good first impression which will simply get your main points across. You can do this with short and powerful content along with applicable photographs. Be careful of the words you use.

  1. Have social share along with follow buttons

If you do not have this then you are missing out on much social media traffic which comes from individuals already reading your blog.

  1. Have call-to-action buttons

Your visitors should know what to do when they arrive on your website. This can be done with you giving them some direction. You can do this by call-to-action buttons. These indicate the next thing the user should do on the page. These also need to be productive and not useless ones. For instance, you can have call-to-actions which provide users with materials that will educate them not only call-to-action which lead to a demo or trail, etc.

  1. Have the correct images

Use those photos which portray images of those individuals who work at the company along with the office itself. There are certain techniques which let one pick the correct kind of stock photo if real photographs cannot be used.

  1. Navigation

You do not want a site which has a disorganised and confusing navigation interface. Visitors need to be able to quickly locate what they are finding. You can have streamlined content, navigation hierarchy, etc.

  1. Mobile optimisation

This is very important as nowadays many people are using mobile devices to search on the internet. You, therefore, need your website to be perfect when used on a mobile device. This can be done with a responsive web design. Check this website to learn how to create mobile responsive

  1. Make your website be easily found

If you wish to have a strong online presence, then a website which can be found needs to be developed. You need to have a good SEO strategy which keeps in mind the search terms that your buyer personas along with audience will search for.

  1. Find good software to enhance your web design

Picking the correct e-commerce software may be a tough job. Find one that will suit the website and content you have. For instance, a WooCommerce Website Design tends to be an Open Source e-commerce platform which is free and is constructed similarly as an add-on particularly to WordPress. This software is able to change any WordPress website transforming it into an e-commerce solution.

  1. Whitespace is needed

Whitespace is regarded as being an important design element which helps break up the page moreover increase readability.