11 Best E-commerce Website Design Examples of 2018

Nowadays everything has evolved for the better. The same is true when it comes to shopping. As opposed to the ancient times when people preferred to shop one on one, online shopping is now the order of the day. Hence ecommerce websites are here to stay.

This is just like an online shop where sellers make a presentation and whereby prospective buyers look for information on the products that they need. You may wonder how you may design the best e-commerce site that will attract many prospective buyers,

Below are some of the designs by some of the best e-commerce web design companies that can help you achieve your goals:

1. Carolina Herrera

As much as people have embraced online shopping, they still need something that is simple to use, Carolina Herrera has an amazing sidebar which is not only easy to use but also provides guidelines to visitors.

2. Ada Blackjack

From their name you can guess what they deal with. They usually deal with leather products with their design equipped with appealing illustration attractive to the eyes of every visitor.

3. Wanderlust + Co

Despite adopting new trends on their website, Wanderlust embraces some of the old trends. This serves well as it gives a visitor nostalgic memories which may make him/her rethink his/her decision.

4. Cirkul

When mentioning about top e-commerce web design companies in 2018, Cirkul may be the first one. They have the best-designed page that serves the purposes. Their page is featured by cart button yellow in color that directs you on how to make a purchase. This serves the exact purpose of the page and that is a call for action.


ASOS has designed their page for the convenience of their customers. Filters on their top page are well displayed. This allows customers to narrow down to the products they are interested in without wasting their time.

6. Soludos

This company usually deals with shoes. On their page, they display the size of the shoes in plain view. This provides the best user experience and as well saves a lot of time.

7. Lulus

On their page, they display all the essential information you may need. This includes frequently asked questions which quench the thirst of a customer for information that he/she needed.

8. Pretty Little Thing

They have the best web page. They are usually consistent with their updates. Their page also features some of the best pictures to draw the attention of customers.

9. Rezlo

Their page is simple. The page usually starts with a colorful image which is usually related to lifestyle/ later on the page goes deeper to other specifications of the product. We can say they start from simple to complex issues.

10. Style Keepers

Style keepers use their page well as a tool. Their page is featured by colorful images. It also contains an ads light which acts as a call to action to the customer.

11. Bellroy Carry Goods

Their page is known for using traditional ways in a unique manner. This is when it comes to their layout which I relatively simple and user-friendly.

Whether you like it or not, online shopping is here to stay. In the same manner, you may need to diversify your website designs to earn more benefits. If you follow the examples laid above, you may end up with the best e-commerce website ever.