Allure new talent and professional employees with HR website recruiting videos

In the era of business competitions, most of the enterprises are enthusiastically exploring for unparalleled candidates to flourish their human resources and to surge up the productivity. There is the one best way to do so is make HR website recruiting videos. Man companies have taken advantage of these types of recruiting videos because it has changed the conventional method of the recruitment process. Just like when making purchasing decisions, Internet research is considered the most powerful tool for exploring new employment opportunities and it has turned the power of the job market from employer to the candidates.

As many firms have initiated to realize, using only the traditional approach does no longer work to attract quality candidates from MBA program, top colleges and universities. Human resources teams must offer new effective strategies with all the modern advancements in online marketing, that they probably have not used before, but their candidates use constantly. Here is where website recruiting videos come into play as a vital role in alluring new talent and get in person interviews with these foremost talented individuals.


Some figures for HR Website Recruitment Videos

The current statistics shows that 80% of job seekers explore new employments through the internet research. They were enormously impressed by the recruiting videos as compared to the firms that did not have any online video on their websites. Moreover, 46% of these video viewers have taken some initiatives after viewing the advertisement (Online Publishers Association).

Beside that impressive stat, the OPA has exposed some more informative figures a out website recruitment videos –

  1. The company was visited by 15% of Job seekers which had represented in the advert video.
  2. Additional information regarding the subject of the video was explored by 26% of individuals.
  3. The website that had mentioned in the advertisement was visited by the 22% of individuals.

Other benefits of website recruiting videos are –

· You can reach and keep the attention of a larger audience

· You can stay competitive by overshadowing competitors

· You can save money on the recruitment process.

· You can find employee that fit well in your company’s culture

· You can flourish your employer brand

Consider that online video sharing has become the most eminent activity on internet and it is the most well-liked among U.S. users between ages of 25-35 mainly through social media (NetBase). Candidates are still 10 times more likely to connect, share and comment on video content. So website recruiting videos give this audience content that they like and want to share.

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