Digital Marketing Agencies vs Novice Article Writers

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency writing firm to write your SEO articles, you may have asked yourself, how much should you pay? Some agencies charge incredibly exorbitant prices while others may seem charge next to nothing for their services.

Pricing for SEO Articles

In general, digital marketing companies will charge a fair price, depending on the content and extra things you might want included like links, factual information, and references. There are those that charge by the page, while others may charge by the hour or by the word. Writing is an art form and as such, good writing cannot often be found for low prices.

What Does Your SEO Article Require?

Consider the content you’re presenting to a potential digital agency before you start negotiating a price. If the work is relatively simple or shouldn’t take more than a handful of days or even hours, your prices are going to be relatively low. Again, there are SEO agencies or groups of writers who place a high value on the work they produce and while it may be tempting to always pay for “the best,” you should go into this digital market understanding that good writing isn’t always quantifiable.

Where to Find a Quality SEO Agency

Click on the link at the end of this article and hire a Dallas digital marketing company who understand the value of your specific SEO needs and are confident in their abilities and pricing structures. Try to avoid writers offering bare minimum pricing unless there is an ulterior indication of that writer’s skill. You need to be sure that a novice writer can produce a quality SEO article for your website, it’s probably best to avoid them and minimize the risk of paying for mistakes later on by using a professional SEO marketing firm.

Freelance Writing Platforms

Another option is to set a price yourself on a freelance writing platform and see who’s interested in writing your article. This eliminates the conflict of prices, instead it forces writers to bid on your job based on their prior skills. This selection process eliminates pricing conflicts and offers a more level playing field for contractors to bid on.

When you leave the pricing, structure open it will normally result in more writers bidding for the job; however, it also leaves you at the mercy of their prices. Some may charge by the article if you’re requesting a number of articles for your website, while others charge by the word.

The Bottom Line

A rare form of charging is by the hour, this form of charging is rarely seen, simply because it doesn’t always provide the best writers. In an ideal and honest environment, charging by the hour could potentially result in you paying less for the work being completed. These instances may be few and far in between, and it’s always better to take the safer route with concrete pricing and use a qualified digital marketing agency for all of your SEO needs.