Five Suggestions for Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Websites Design

Mobile devices are ruling the eCommerce world today. With every passing day, there’s a steep increase in the number of people shopping online through their smartphones and tablets. As an eCommerce website owner, you should know how to survive the cut-throat competition in this field. The very first step towards achieving this is to build mobile-friendly eCommerce websites design. If you want to get your eCommerce portal ready for a mobile future, here are a few suggestions that can help you achieve it.

A Responsive Framework Is a Way to Go

Opting for a responsive framework is no more an option but an absolute necessity. Responsive framework means that the content of your portal will look the same on all devices – irrespective of whether it is a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Developing responsive websites is very easy these days, thanks to the easily accessible HTML frameworks. If you are new to website designing, any good web design company India can help you with developing a responsive site.

Give the Shoppers an Omnichannel Experience

An omnichannel shopping experience refers to a unified experience i.e. the user experience while shopping on mobile gadgets must be in sync with the experience across email, social media and in-store. So, develop a real-time and personalized omnichannel experience for shoppers across locations, channels and devices. This is a very popular trend for mobile-friendly eCommerce websites design.

Use a Specific and Visibly-Placed Call-to-Action

If you want to improve user engagement on your eCommerce portal, you should include specific and clear calls-to-action, especially visibly-placed ‘Add to Car’ button. While designing a Call-to-Action (CTA), ensure that you use actionable and clear language that indicates the prospective buyers what exactly they should do. Place at least one CTA above the fold so that the buyers don’t get confused.

Simplify Navigation

Clear and simple website navigation is the key to making things easier for shoppers. As far as eCommerce web design is concerned, you wouldn’t have adequate space to incorporate an extensive menu to include all the sections, categories and promotions of your store.

You should condense the navigation to ensure that it is easier and cleaner for the mobile shoppers. The best way to achieve this is to integrate one menu icon, which opens a drop-down menu when selected. Ensure that this is consistently placed all through the portal for the convenience of shoppers.

Include Options for Upselling and Cross-Selling

Introduce your shoppers to a lot of other products, which are related to their previous searches. Cross-selling and upselling is a great way to achieve this. Include a section to help the shoppers check out what the other customers, who ordered the same product, searched for. This can be easily integrated into a segment headlined as – “Customers who bought this also bought…”

As mobile gadgets have got a firm hold on the lifestyles of people today, mobile-friendly eCommerce websites design is not a trend anymore but a way of life. Follow the above tips to enhance the mobile experience of online shoppers, which is a key consideration for eCommerce businesses.