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Getting To Know Real Estate Terms

Does the mention of the words real estate raise a couple of questions in your head? But everyone usually has a little light about real estate. Words have it that a real estate is made of a piece of land and buildings on it. Natural features such as minerals, crops and other physical structure on that piece of land entails in what makes a real estate. All the immovable objects of that nature and all real property like buildings, all make up a real estate.

While still in the mention of real estate different people have different purposes for real estates, this includes buying and selling of real estates other use it for settlement. Real estate can also be taken as legal jurisdiction from the common law in a certain region of the world. All these different points of view direct to the same single thing, real estate.

Lets now branch directly into residential real estate. Single family or multiple families might be the one who resides in a real estate probably bounded the aspect of job. However, it is not in all real estates that residences are bound by relationships in some cases there is none at all. The the outlook of feature in a real estate might differ. To attest to this there are reasons among which may include different ownership of a residence who made it and leased it out to tenants. Another reason may be different ownership bound together by an agreement of making similar units of residence.

Based on different features and tastes of owners residential real estates might be classified into different categories.

Multi-unit structure makes our first category under residential real estate. Under this category we have apartments as the first group. An an apartment is a single unit in a multi-unit building. The apartment have boundaries which are marked by a perimeter of locked or lockable doors. Multi-family the house also fall under this category of attached dwellings. In these cases different apartments are on each different floor such that each floor in a story house is an apartment. Also terraced houses fall into this category.Terraced houses also make part of the attached structures dwelling category. These are some multi-unit or single buildings sharing the same wall in a no convenient space from each other.A terraced house can define as single buildings or multi-unit buildings sharing the same wall. We also have condominiums. These are complexes owned by individuals.Condominiums are complex or building in the attached category that is owed by individuals. In the condominiums category common grounds and common areas are shared among the individuals. In different parts of the world a block of flats is an equivalence of a condominium.

Still under the attached structures category we also haves cooperatives also known as co-op. The the second category under residential real estates is the semi-attached dwellings. Examples include houseboats. A the houseboat is a house floating on water. The another example is the tents which are made temporarily using a non-long lasting material. Duplex is also part of this list.

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