MilesWeb – The Best Reseller Hosting for Web Designers

MilesWeb – The Best Reseller Hosting for Web Designers

What is a Reseller Hosting?

Whether you are planning to become a web designer or already an expert in web designing, reseller hosting is the ideal choice to run and manage multiple websites for your clients.

In reseller hosting, a single account owner can rent out a portion of the bandwidth and disk space to multiple accounts. In this case, the account owner acts just like a hosting company to those clients. In simple words, reseller hosting lets you build a sub-account within your actual hosting account. These sub-accounts run as separate hosting accounts that will have individual emails, disk space, control panel, and bandwidth. All these accounts can be managed through a single WHM panel whose access is with the main account owner.

MilesWeb reseller hosting offers various plans that serve the purpose of small designing agencies that build websites for their clients to a well-established reseller that provides a complete experience for their clients.

Why MilesWeb Reseller Hosting for Web Designers?

Choosing a reliable provider for web hosting India is quite a tough job and can put you at sixes and sevens. It becomes more puzzling when you are picking a reseller hosting provider because reseller hosting can directly affect your end users. It is mainly important to choose a best reseller hosting provider as your reputation is in their hands. This is also going to be a long-term decision once you pick your reseller hosting provider. You cannot keep on switching your reseller hosting provider as easily as one does WordPress hosting, because your end client might get impacted too.  No other company than MilesWeb will meet all your reseller hosting needs such as bandwidth, disk space, customer support and mainly-price factor.

MilesWeb offers affordable reseller hosting plans that have high performing memory caching which makes the website load faster in addition to pure SSD storage. This collaboratively results in excellent performance of your website. Additionally, MilesWeb has an excellent technical support team, which operates 24/7/365. Their support staff is well-trained and has extensive knowledge about web hosting. They provide the quality level of service with an uptime guarantee of 99.95%. Their tier-3 and tier-4 data centers allow them to provide you with topmost uptime for your website.

Key Features of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

SSD storage

The Solid State Drives are much better and rapid than traditional hard drives.

They store memory using mechanical or magnetic disks with spinning drives which boost the data transfer speed in SSDs. They use semiconductor chips and not magnetic disks to store the data. Unlike, hard disk drive there is no mechanical arm. As there are no moving parts in an SSD and the data is stored in microchips, this is what makes them faster.

To provide you with rapid server speed and database accessibility MilesWeb servers are accomplished with performance-driven SSD hosting.

Data Center Choice

Choosing the data center is an essential aspect to consider while hosting your website. It’s recommended to choose the data center located closer to your physical geographical area.

MilesWeb lets you choose your data center location for reseller hosting in India and US.

White labeled

White Label hosting is the ability to re-sell another hosting company’s services as if it’s your own hosting. This is a great way to offer additional service to your clients if you are a web designer/developer or even if you are an agency or start an individual business. It is a great choice who wants to host their client’s site with a separate cPanel.

MilesWeb provides white-labeled hosting in which you can include your branding on all of their reseller plans. This gives you the ability to re-sell their hosting services as if it is your own hosting company. Even though their reseller hosting plans are fully customizable and pre-constructed in case of technical necessities like server maintenance and management-will be taken care of by the MilesWeb team.

Free Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a powerful tool that allows you to collect payments on your website. It allows your clients to make digital payments through their credit card, debit cards and other forms of internet transactions. It lets them submit these details securely.

MilesWeb has implanted payment gateway-PayUmoney in their reseller hosting packages so that you can accept the payments through online transactions. There is no additional cost for integrating payment gateway on your site.

Web Host Manager

A web host manager (WHM) provides you the ability to create and manage multiple cPanels. You can get complete administrative privileges to the backend of cPanel. You can check server information and status, change client usernames and domain names, reset passwords, etc.

MilesWeb gives you this tool for free so that you can easily manage your reseller accounts from one single interface.

Free Domain Reseller

MilesWeb reseller program lets you sell domain over 400 extensions and TLDs with their domain reseller account.

It is a great opportunity for you to start selling domain registration at your own pricing. You can even sell them under your own brand and the backend will be taken care of by the MilesWeb team. It is easy to sell domains through their fully customizable tools. You get everything you need to build your own domain reseller without any additional charges.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb unlimited reseller hosting plan starts from Rs.800 per month. With their current discount offer of 20%, you can get this plan at just Rs.640 for a month. The names of their plans are derived from the planet names of Pluto, Mars and Jupiter.

With MilesWeb Pluto plan you can host 25 domains and you get free domain reseller account as well as WHMCS. This plan also gives you unlimited – email accounts, SSD disk space, Bandwidth and My SQL DB’s.

The Mars plan gives you 100 domains to host at price of Rs.1400 per month. But, with their ongoing offer of 30% for this plan you can get it at 980 per month with all the other features same as Pluto.

If you are looking for a more discounted price with 200 domains to host you can get it at Rs.1900 per month. MilesWeb is currently giving a heavy discount of 50% for this plan, after which you can get this plan at Rs.950 per month


Most of the designers are looking for great pricing and feature-rich reseller hosting packages, especially the one that comes with sufficient disk space and enough bandwidth with the addition to multiple features at affordable price. MilesWeb provides you with ample of features that you are looking for at a reasonable price.