Top Tools for Backup of Your WordPress Website

The importance of taking a backup of your website can never be overemphasized. You and/or the web host might deploy the latest security tools and take maximum measures to prevent a cyber-attack, you can never completely rule out the possibility of a DDoS attack, data theft, or any such disaster which might lead to the loss of data. At such times, having a website backup ensures that you can restore your site without any loss of business or reputation. WordPress offers many plugins which can help you create website backups manually or in a scheduled manner. In this article, we will share some plugins which can help create a backup of your WordPress website.


Duplicator by SnapCreek offers WordPress users the ability to create a website backup in no time. It also allows users to migrate their websites from one location to another. This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or higher and is available in free and paid versions. While the free version offers manual website backups, in the premium version you can schedule the same. Further, the paid version also allows you to select a cloud service to store the backup and an email notification informing you of any issues during the scheduled backup process.


Backup Buddy by iThemes allows you to back up your entire website from the dashboard in a few simple clicks. This is a premium plugin which enables you to create several scheduled backups, each having different settings and options. While many plugins only backup the WP-database, Backup Buddy backs up your complete website. You can choose the frequency of backup based on the frequency of generation of new content on your website. These backs can also be stored on a cloud. Also, you can either restore the entire website or select files that need to be restored.


The UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin is one of the most popular website scheduled backup plugin available in free and paid versions. In the free version, you can schedule backups and select from a list of cloud services to save the backup. It is faster than many other backup plugins and has been used by more than a million websites. In the paid version, you can also back up non-WordPress files and encrypt databases along with a host of other features.


Vault Press is developed by the company that runs – Automattic. Powered by Jetpack, it backs up your complete site (including media files, posts, revisions, comments, etc.) automatically every day. You can restore your website with a single click! It also offers features like protection from spam and brute force attack, monitoring uptime, activity log, etc. Vault Press is available in Personal, Premium, and Professional packages.

Summing Up

Plugins or not, creating a backup is a safety net that you must have for your website. To further protect your site from data loss, you can also opt for a Managed WP Hosting plan offering automatic daily backups and a wide range of hosting benefits like pre-installed WordPress, advanced security, 24*7 technical customer support, etc. So, install your plugins in the right way and do share your thoughts if you have used these plugins in the comment section below.